Hello, my name is Michele, as a little girl I would watch my grandmother make
soap, she came from Italy when I was born.  I would always be at her side as I
was growing up.  She had a great work ethic and always happy. After two years of college, I married my wonderful and awesome husband. We had several businesses but after 40 years we decided to sell, not liking retirement I was thinking of something to do and it came to me SOAP, I really enjoy making soap and the benefits that natural soaps have to offer. It's a little different today, as my grandmother did not use shea butter or olive oil or essential oils and natural herbs, which I use in my soaps. Since we have sold at a few stores in Florida and online it has become a growing business.  We love selling at local farmer's markets, meeting different people from all over the country, a lot have become friends and devout customers.  The name Bella Star came from our beloved yellow Labrador retriever Bella who gave us many great years, so I thought it would be a great name for our company.  I hope you enjoy our handmade products from lip balms, lotions, essential oil soaps, luffa soaps,

Ormond Beach, Florida and Central Coast of Oregon