Shea Butter African Black Soap
 African Black Soap is imported from 
Ghana.  Shea Butter is a rich, moisturizing ingredient used in shampoos, face, hand and body creams, soaps, and more. African shea butter used in its naturals form offers some wonderful benefits for all skin types and has been found in many anti-aging skincare products.

African black soap is handmade in Ghana and is highly effective in fighting acne, dark spots, and many other skin ailments. This soap contains no additives, it produces a very rich lather and does not take much of this soap to lather.  This soap comes in a chunk form and can be shaped easily when wet. The soap will need to be stored on a dry surface when not in use. 

Ingredients:  Roasted Cocoa Pods, Plantain Skin, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, and water.

Shea Butter African Black Soap
Pure African Black soap from Ghana. Approximate weight bars cut in 3-3.3 oz .
Price: $9.00
This is Natural and Organic, No synthetic fragrances, sulfate-free, chemical-free, gluten-free, alcohol-free, vegan.